Prof. Yasser M. Shabana

Major specialty: General plant pathology, biological control of plant diseases and weeds, plant disease management, weed management and model systems, invasive weeds management, and microbial pesticides.


Yasser M. Shabana
Professor of Plant Pathology and Vice-Dean for Graduate Studies, Research, and Cultural Affairs; Faculty of Agriculture, Mansoura University, Egypt.

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Participated as Princepal Investigator or Co-PI in about 28 research projects funded by international and local funding bodies for a total of more than 20 million Egyptian pounds

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Prof. Yasser's investigation into sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions.

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  • Reduction in crop yield:

    Weeds compete for water, nutrients & light. Soon they outgrow the crops & consume large amounts of water & nutrients causing a 40% reduction in yield of groundnut & 66% reduction in yield of chilli. The loss of N through weeds is about 150 kg/ha.

  • Increase in the cost of cultivation:
  • One of the objects of tillage is to control weed on which 30% expenditure is incurred and this may increase more in heavy infested areas & also cost on weed control by weeding or chemical control. Hence, reduce margin of net profit.

  • Quality of field produce is reduced:
  • Weed seeds get harvested & threshed along the crop produce which lowers the quality. Such produce fetches fewer prices in the market. E.g.: Leafy vegetables, grain crop.

  • Reduction in quality of livestock produce:
  • Weeds impart an undesirable flavor to the milk (Ghaneri), impair quality of wool of sheep (Gokhuru, Aghada), and cause death of animals due to poisonous nature of seed (Dhatura).

  • Harbour insect-pests & disease pathogens:
  • Weeds either give shelter to various insect pests & disease pathogens or serve as alternate hosts & thus helps in perpetuating the menace from pests & diseases. E.g.: Gall fly of paddy, midge fly of Jowar, leaf minor of soybean & Groundnut, rust of Wheat, tikka of Groundnut, Black rust of wheat ,Downey mildew (Saccharum spontaneum).


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